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About IusTech

The name IusTech derives from the latin word for law ‘ius‘ and the abbreviation of technology ‘tech‘. Ius can be described in three notions, being: 

  • law as a set of compulsory rules (ius est norma agendi, “law is a rule of conduct”), oterwise called objective or positive law (Mackeldey & Dropsie 1883, p. 1);
  • law as a set of possibilities to act (ius est facultas agendi, “law is a license to act”), otherwise called subjective law, or duties (Mackeldey & Dropsie 1883, p. 1);
  • law as what is good (aequum et bonum, “the just and the fair”), otherwise called justice (Berger 1953, pp. 525-526).

About administrator

First of all, thanks for visiting my website. I’m Rens Jansen, a law student from the Netherlands with a peaked interest for legal tech, entrepreneurship and innovation.

An increasing wave of technological developments is the driving force for change within, amongst others, the legal market. I don’t consider this climate as threatening but as an opportunity to create value. At the same time, I emphasize the necessity of discussion about challenges that these developments entail.

Peter Davies, legal solutions specialist at Thomson Reuters, stated at the Legal+ 2017 congress that the Chinese legal market is exceptionally receptive to legal tech. Intrigued I look at China, who’s pioneeringly aiming to become the industry leader in the field of artificial intelligence by 2030. Many, including myself, expect this technology to modernize the legal market.

David B. Wilkins, professor of law at Harvard, suggested at the Lexpo 2017 congress that little of what he teaches his students is still really relevant for the legal market and hence, regarding the legal market, universities shouldn’t be trusted as a source of innovation. In my opinion, proper legal education remains indispensable. Therefore I entrust myself to stimulate innovation amongst fellow students.

Currently, I’m exploring my interests, aiming to work towards the profile of a ‘T-shaped professional’ and a successful connection on the legal market of tomorrow. After my education, I aspire a career in between the fields of law and technology and existing in (transnational) cases concerning information technology, intellectual property or data protection. I’d like to fulfill a function of (legal) advisory, analytical or administrative nature.

If you share my interests or if you see added value for each other’s network, then a LinkedIn connection request is more than welcome! For further contact or a copy of my resume, you can always send a LinkedIn message or e-mail me at romjansen@outlook.com.

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